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Mud Crabs Ecology

We as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Marine Fish & Mud Crab take pride in being the 4+ destination in World.



The Freashwater Fish farm is establihed in 2014 and located at Layang-Layang(Johor) and house the species of Marble Goby (soon Hock) , a local dlicacy and jade perch.The annual production of 50 tonnes

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The Farming technology that grooms mud crabs from juvenile to the adult process in each of the individual crab houses that are aligned vertically.Vertical Crab Farm can hold 32000 mud crab per acre.

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The Commercial Scale of this culture is developing very fast along the coastal areas of india.mud crabs grow to a very large size of about 22 to 24 cm .the common name for mud crab or green Crab is "Scylla Serrata"

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The Hatchery sits on a 2.5-acre land in chilaw,Sri lanka.The Nursery farm spreds on ponds (11 acres) land in Kalpitiya, Puttallam Dist.Production now @50000 Crablets per Month and Sales US $3 per Crablet

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Why Choose Aquanomia ?

Since the inception of business, Aquanomia aims to raise fund and acquire the business arms in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Singapore and expands Singapore Seafood operation. Since 2004, our research and trial studies in aquaculture began and gradually develop into the current Hatchery and Pond operations now. We also targets to provide consultancy work in other coun┬Čtries like Australia, Cambodia and Oman.

In Singapore, Aquanomia involves in Trading and Distribution of live seafood supplies. We aim to be market leader by increasing our monthly seafood supplies at 100 tonnes per month to the major supermarkets, restaurants and eatery stalls. Our future plan is to operate a cold storage house for supplying frozen seafood.

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