Aquanomia R&D

At this juncture Mr. Eraniappan, Managing Director of M.s. Periyar Mud Crab Hatchery has developed the technology for the first time in India with the able support of CIBA(ICAR) in chennai

I congratulate Mr. Eraniappan for his great achievement. Based on his visit to SEAFDEC, Philippines and other countries he has gathered all information in Mud Crab Farming and has put up all information in this booklet with the excellent support of Dr. Kathirvel, Principal Scientist of CIBA and Dr. Manikandavelu, TANUVAS.

Women Hatchery Manager

Mrs. Tamilselvi Eraniyappan, is the manager in Periyar Mus Crab Hetchery, Mugaiyur Cheiyur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu. Only women employee are exclusively employed in this hatchery and twenty women employees work under her supervision. She is educated only upto elementry level and possesses a strong expertise in hatchery management.


She is having a strong expertise in seed production of fresh water prawns and hatchery production of mud crabs. She is having a good knowledge in brood stock maintenance, induced maturation, spawning / hatching, larval rearing, live-feed culure, post-larval rearing, maintenance of biological stock, sewater supply system, cleaning of brood stock and larval tanks and monitoring of water quality parameters.