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Since the inception of business, Aquanomia aims to raise fund and acquire the business arms in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Singapore and expands Singapore Seafood operation. Since 2004, our research and trial studies in aquaculture began and gradually develop into the current Hatchery and Pond operations now. We also targets to provide consultancy work in other countries like Australia, Cambodia and Oman.

In Singapore, Aquanomia involves in Trading and Distribution of live seafood supplies. We aim to be market leader by increasing our monthly seafood supplies at 100 tonnes per month to the major supermarkets, restaurants and eatery stalls. Our future plan is to operate a cold storage house for supplying frozen seafood.

Aquanomia Timeline

At present, the Mud Crab Consumption in Singapore is 7,000 tons per annum (year end 2016 report), which is valued at SGD 210 million. With a growing demand for this particular species, especially Live Mud Crab fueld by th growth in population, the Live Mud Crab Industry is poised for further unprecedented growth.

Backed by a strong team of Aquaculture Researchers and Specialists as well as equipped with the latest Technology in Aquaculture with its own Hatchery, Nursery and Grow-out ponds we are proud to introduce the Aquanomia India Project as an Investment platform.


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